Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pocket Billiards (Pool) Tables

A cue ball and the 1 ball close to a pocket
A cue ball and the 1 ball close to a pocket

Pocket billiards tables, sometimes called pool tables, are specific to the various pool games such as eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool and one-pocket. As the name implies, pocket billiards tables have pockets; normally six of them – one at each corner of the table (corner pockets) and one at the midpoint of each of the longer sides (side pockets).

Pockets, usually rimmed with leather or plastic, may have leather bags to catch the balls, common in home billiard rooms and pool halls, or (most commonly in the coin-operated tables found regularly in bars/pubs) may lead to ball-return troughs inside the table, which channel the balls into a collection chamber on one side of the table (or, in non-coin-op models, on the racking end of the table).

"Pocket" can be used as a verb, meaning to send a ball into a pocket (as in, "He pocketed the 8 ball by accident.")